The Benefits of an Optomap Retinal Exam

According to research, this specific retinal exam can help optometrists detect over 80% more problems with patients' vision than traditional eye exams. That's a significant difference! It's not just optometrists singing the praises of retinal exams, patients love them too.

If you're looking for a comprehensive eye exam, your optometrist may recommend an optomap retinal exam. This type of exam is becoming increasingly popular because it provides several benefits over a traditional eye exam. Here are a few reasons you might consider opting for this retinal exam with our optometrist, Dr. Grant at Amplified Vision in Abilene, TX.

More Comfortable Than Other Types of Eye Exams

The optometrist has to put drops in your eyes to dilate them for a standard eye exam, making them feel dry and irritated. With this retinal exam, there are no drops required!

Plus, because Dr. Grant most likely doesn't have to put any drops in your eyes, we can take a closer look at the back of your eye without worrying about disturbing the delicate tissue. This exam gives them a more accurate picture of your optical health.

Fast and Painless

Another great thing about optomap retinal exams is that they're quick and easy. The optometrist will take an image of your retina, which takes just a few seconds. And because there's no need for dilated eyes, you won't have to wait around for your vision to clear up.

Plus, the exam is painless because Dr. Grant can see your retina without ever touching your eye. That's always a bonus!

Provides a Complete View of the Retina

One of the most significant advantages of this retinal exam is that they provide a ultra-wide view of the retina, over 60% more than traditional eye exams. With a conventional eye care exam, the optometrist can only see a small portion of the retina simultaneously. Yet, they may miss some crucial details about your eye health.

With an optomap retinal exam, the family optometrist can see a high-resolution image of your entire retina. This allows Dr. Grant to detect even small changes in your eye health that could indicate a severe problem.

Helps Identify Potential Vision Problems Early On

This specific retinal exam provides a ultra-wide view of the retina, and it can help optometrists identify potential vision problems early on. That's important because early detection is critical in treating eye conditions.

For example, retinal exams can help optometrists detect macular degeneration, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy in their early stages. This check allows optometrists to provide patients with the treatment they need to slow down the progression of these conditions and preserve their vision.

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