Cataracts are a type of eye condition that can greatly impact your vision. When you have one, it appears as a cloudy area on the lens of the eye. For older people, they are common. For Americans who are 80 or older, many have either had cataract surgery or currently have cataracts. It's normal not to notice any effects from them at first but as time goes on and the cataract gets worse, it can cause hazy or blurry vision and rob your vision of colors. People often start to have a harder time reading and performing other normal activities.

Luckily, there is surgery possible that can rid you of cataracts. This is a safe surgery that corrects the effects. If you may have cataracts, it’s important to get your eye care appointment to get your eye exam. Call our family eye practice in Abilene, TX, to schedule an appointment with our optometrist, Dr. Grant. We at Amplified Vision can help you preserve your eye health.



There are a lot of possible symptoms of cataracts, so it's important to notice if your vision changes and you experience any of these symptoms. When cataracts begin, they generally cause no symptoms at all. But as they progress, they start to cause vision changes. In addition to blurry or cloudy vision, you may start to see that colors look faded. It can also affect your night vision, making it harder to see in the dark. You may also find that lights such as the sun, lamps, and headlights start to look too bright. When you look at lights, you may see a halo around them. As cataracts progress, you may have double vision, though this can go away as the cataract goes into its late stages. You may also find that your vision correction prescription changes a lot. If you have any of these symptoms, it's time to see the optometrist for your eye care appointment. 

Who Gets Cataracts?

As the years pass, you become higher risk for developing cataracts. There are also other factors that can raise your risk. There are health problems that can cause them such as diabetes. If you have ever had eye surgery, an injury to the eyes, or upper-body radiation treatment, these may also raise your risk as well. Spending time out in the sunlight without eye protection may contribute to cataracts. If there are people with cataracts in your family, you may be at an increased risk of developing them yourself. 

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