At Amplified Vision of Abilene, TX, we help you see the bigger things better. Life is full of surprises, and we want you to see them all. When your eyes are dim and cloudy, so is your world. Our goal is to open your vision so that you can see beyond the horizon.


What Vision Treatments Are Available?

Our optometrist, Dr. Grant, takes a special interest in treating your eyes. It is understood that the eyes are one of the body's most sensitive organs. We check and treat your eyes on the same day. From the moment you call our office, we start the process of getting to know you and what problems you are experiencing.

Our skilled team will fit you for eyeglasses that are customized just for you. The strength of your glasses depends on your vision, whether or not you suffer from myopia or hyperopia. These are important facts that an optometrist has to consider before writing a prescription.

Most treatments do not involve medication or surgery. We can prescribe eyeglasses if your vision can be corrected without surgery. Other treatments such as laser surgery and corneal surgery are reserved for patients with serious visual problems or eye diseases.

Why Eyeglasses?

In the past, eyeglasses have earned the reputation of being unpopular. Their once awkward design was not popular with those who needed to wear them, and especially those who did not. The stigma left many people not wanting to wear eyeglasses, which made their vision worse.

Today's eyeglasses are worn by millions of people, with and without eye problems. They are now customized according to what you like and how you want to look. They are fashionable, colorful, and more powerful than ever. We understand that everyone lives in a world where fashion and trends are important. We understand that everyone has different views when it comes to what they like. We offer an array of frames for you to choose from.

Eyeglasses have come a long time in their treatment of specific eye problems. If you are suffering from a simple, serious, or complex eye problem, you want an optometrist in Abilene, TX, like Dr. Grant and his staff, to show you specialized care and genuine concern.

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If you are ready to see the world from a different perspective, give Amplified Vision of Abilene, TX, a call today and schedule your eye exam. Choose your frames and picture yourself inside of them. We can be reached at (325) 698- 2010.

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